How to regulate sleep schedule during the lockdown

Here are some tips that will help you fix your sleep routine during the lockdown.

With nothing much to look forward to, people are finding it hard to stick with their usual sleep routine and some have turned into a night owl. Many of us are spending our days binge-watching shows or staying up till late before we have to wake up for work. It may appear to be easy, managing things with only a few hours of sleep but this isn’t recommended in the long run. 

Source- Sleeping Rocks

To make sure that your transition is smooth after everything goes back to normal, it is important to keep your sleep schedule in check as it may also hamper your productivity. Here are some tips that will help you fix your sleep schedule during this lockdown. 

  • Stick to waking up at your usual time. This will help you kickstart your day at a regular pace. Try working out in the morning as it helps you energize and you also sleep better at night. 
  • Fix a particular time to go to bed and make sure you stick to it. Complete all the tasks for the day at least an hour before your bedtime. 
  • Relax your troubled mind with meditation and yoga. It not only relaxes your mind but also does wonders for your physical health. 
  • Avoid reading too many negative articles and news and only follow the news that is verified and confirmed. Keep your mental health in check during these times. 
  • Try to stay away from noises while trying to sleep. Make sure that all your gadgets are turned off an hour before your bedtime for uninterrupted sleep. 
  • If you are feeling anxious about anything or something has been on your mind for a while then talk to your friends about it. If you are unable to find support from close ones then you can always reach out for help through various hotline numbers.

Here are some tips that can help you fix your sleep routine. Also, keep an eye on your caffeine intake and make sure you have a proper sleep atmosphere at home during the night.