Things all pet owners will relate to

Pet owner? Here are the things you would relate to:

Growing older with your pets is the best feeling ever! You learn a lot and eating together, caring for each other, those evening/morning walks, playing etc your pet teaches you many things. Checkout as the things we all pet owners will surely relate to.

Working on laptops is nearly impossible

They want all your attention focused to them, and actually any sort of work to be done is nearly impossible.


Personal space is nonexistent


Even in the washroom they want to accompany you and stay with you, so personal space is like something that is non-existent. They just can’t seem to leave you alone.

Your phone has 90% pictures of them

Your phone has uncountable pictures of your pet though all look the same. You love them all and want more and more pictures of each and every move your pet.

No meal is completely your own


Even if you give them food of their own, they love eating from your plate and especially the food that you eat seems more tempting to them.

You feel people who do not love pets are aliens


Hearing someone saying I am scared of dogs, cats and there is no need of a pet is like something indigestible. People who do not love pets are like aliens to you.

Pets are the most dependent alarm


Having pets you do not need to set alarms for getting up. In fact they will wake you up before time!

Talking to your pet is the best time pass


Whenever you feel alone, they are the best to spend some time with, talking to them makes you feel calm and sleeping with them by your side is the best feeling ever.

You have a partner to do everything with


Whether its watching TV, playing, talking, sleeping, eating etc you always have a companion by your side.

A pet is a blessing if you ever experienced it!