Things only brothers and sisters can understand!

Here are some things that only siblings can relate to.

Most of us are closest to our siblings and having them around is the best thing. growing up with them is an absolute thrill but one thing that we enjoy the most is having a relationship that only the two of us can actually understand.

Source- Healthline

if you grew up with a sibling, here are some things that you will relate to.

  • Having secret names for family members

Siblings enjoy the family gossip but the fear of being heard always lingers. To keep things a little safe, we all come up with a bunch of secret names so we can safely discuss things, even at home.

  • Getting in trouble for younger sibling’s mistake

It is true! if you are the elder sibling, you must be familiar with how this feels. Parents rarely hold the younger one accountable and somehow their mistakes become ours.

  • Making excuses when your sibling is late

Sneaking away from home is difficult and siblings come to our rescue but sometimes, we make the mistake of looking at the clock. When parents are fuming, our siblings calm them down and try their best to simmer the situation.

  • Having two wardrobes

Living with a sibling means having an extra set of cupboards full of clothes. Even though they might not like it, we all love to steal clothes from our siblings and even wear it in front of them, just to be annoying.

Which of these things can you relate to?