Youngest in the family? Things you will relate to!

Check out the things all younger siblings relate to:

Youngest in the family? Here we bring some things that you will surely relate to! Being the younger one has many pros and cons. From being always loved too much anpampereded because you are youngest in the family to never be taken seriously. Here are some common things all youngest in the family will relate to.

You are always compared to elder sibling


If your elder sister brings good marks, you are also expected to do that. You get examples stating them. Nobody watches you as an individual, but wants you to be the same as your elder one.

You opinion is never asked


When there is something to be decided in the family, your opinion on it is never important. You will just be told what was decided later!

You are always the last one to know things


Whatever is happening in the house, you will always be the last one to know it. All the secrets will come to you when it’s no longer a secret.

Your siblings call you adopted


Your elder siblings will convince you saying you were adopted. From being picked up from garbage to places like railway station and roads, they will make you cry thinking of your origin.

People take you for granted

People in the family will always take you for granted after all you are the youngest!

Always treated like a baby


No matter how old you are, you will always be treated like a baby. The youngest feel in the family will stay forever! Like no adult topics to be discussed in front of you, no adult movies in front of you etc.

You do not get to drive


Since you are the youngest in the family, you will never be asked to drive. The excuse to it would be you will drive when you grow up, so no need now.

Technology help


Technological help is something you will always be contacted for. Everybody assumes you to be the most techno savvy person.