How are pets being the perfect quarantine partners

Here is how you can take care of your pets while they take care of you during this quarantine.

Source- SheKnows

Since many of us are now a few days into the lockdown, some people are feeling anxious as they are not getting the chance to interact with people which stirs the feeling of loneliness. Many of us may not find it difficult to adjust to being alone but it’s not easy for others. 

Having pets around during this time has turned out to be more helpful than ever. People realize that pet-owner relationships are as important as the one we have with humans and there have been studies that prove that pets do help us deal with stressful situations. 

Source- Hull Daily Mail

Activities for pets 

Due to the lockdown situation, many pet owners are facing problems as they haven’t been able to take their pets outdoors so it becomes a little difficult to keep them busy and active. Some dogs may find it hard to stay indoors without getting irritated. People are getting creative with their pets and taking the help of pet trainers to understand their behavior better and come up with fun activities to keep their pets happy. On the other hand,  independent animals like cats are doing fine and many cat owners have shared their pets are now struggling to find their personal space and people just can’t stop snuggling with them. This also keeps the pet owners busy and the ones who tend to get anxious easily find a way to keep themselves occupied and divert their attention. 

Availability of pet food 

Many grocery stores have started to deliver essentials to home including packaged pet food. Despite that, people are being advised to get used to the scarcity of the processed pet food as the supply chain is disrupted in many places. One way to get used to this is by serving your pet home-cooked food (boiled chicken, eggs or roti) but consulting with your veterinarian first.  

Pets and coronavirus 

There is no scientific evidence or study as of now that proves that pets can catch the COVID-19 disease but as a precautionary measure, it is best to wash your hands before and after playing with your pets. 

Having pets around during this time has helped many people. Even if you don’t have one, show compassion to the ones around your area and feed them as it would be difficult for them to find food with everything in the neighborhood being closed.