8 things women should know about marriage

What you must know before getting hitched

Indian couple/weheartit
Indian couple/weheartit

Marriage is not about tying the knot with the man you love and enjoying a fairy tale ending. It is about fun, romance, balancing, fighting and much more. Here are a few things all newly weds must know about marriage.

Compliments decrease
Compliments about your dress up, looks, yummy smell, etc decrease. This is because once you start living together men do not understand the importance of compliments!
Sex is more fun
After marriage the sex and its frequency gets better. Many times sex before marriage is a quickie but after marriage the hang ups decrease and you become more comfortable about your body and the sex becomes exciting.
Money matters
 Financial matters need to be discussed. Your salary is no longer to be spent on your frivolities. Discuss the future with your spouse and save/spend accordingly.
Inlaws, outlaws
 Settling with your relatives and in-laws is a complex process and will take you a few months. The best way is not to be judgmental and try mingling. You are the daughter in law of the house and no matter what everyone says you cannot behave like a daughter. Remember some dignity, poise and respect for others is neccessary.
You shall be judged
 Whatever you say or do shall be judged. Often in laws and especially the relatives wait and watch for you to slip up once to provide fodder for their gossip. Do not react to any such situation.
Kareena Kapoor cooking/twitter

Cook up some love

 Cooking is going to be an essential tool for winning love! Enroll in a cooking class of your choice or cuisine and get ready for compliments.
You will gain weight
 The endless invites for dinners and a slumped out gyming routine will make you gain a few pounds. Control your portion sizes and try going for walks regularly.
Make most of your honeymoon
 Honeymoon is the best way to enjoy the newly wedded bliss. Enjoy it the most and understand your partner.