Balance your career and marriage

How to maintain that fine balance between work and life

Balance your career and marriage

Don’t all Indian working women often face this dilemma of how to manage their office schedules and married life? Well the path to marital bliss and career advancement is easy. Just keep in mind the following things:

Give your 100 percent
When you are at work give it your 100% and the same applies to a marriage. Don’t try meddling the two until it is absolutely necessary. By focusing on your work during office hours you will be tension free when you are at enjoying some couple time.

Set priorities
Prioritizing is very important. If you feel your marriage isn’t working, take some time off work. Work should never be a reason for the marriage to break. A relationship needs emotions and time to cultivate. Never take your husband for granted.

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Maintain that balance

Don’t show off
 Don’t try to show how much work you have to do in office. Never brag about the housework you manage to your colleagues. Showing off is never going to get you acclaims, in fact, people take it as bragging.

Take time off
Always indulge in some me time. Take half an hour break where you are not accountable to anyone. Sit, relax or go for a walk. Do what pleases you. This is your time; ultimately office and home both are part of your existence.

Family vs. office
When in situations where you need to pick one. Always see how much can you contribute to a situation. Example: You can skip going to the hospital to visit a relative during work hours, unless it is a critical situation.

How do you maintain the perfect balance between your dream job and your family? Do tell us in the comments section below.