Couple trades wedding celebration and donates instead!

Here is the amazing couple who donated 50 beds and oxygen cylinders to a COVID care center.

A couple got recognized for their selfless act of donating hospital beds and oxygen cylinders to a COVID-19 care center in a rural area. They decided to ditch a lavish wedding ceremony for this generous donation to help some people survive during this pandemic. 

Source- Scoopwhoop

Eric Anton Lobo, 28 and  Merlin, 27, decided to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony by taking proper precautions and spent their wedding funds elsewhere. They decided to step up for people who were struggling during this time. 

Source- Scoopwhoop

The couple also paid a visit to the COVID care center in Satpala village where they donated the beds and inaugurated them. 

The couple also shared that they had to take different permissions for this deed and once they did, they also made sure that the Vasai based fabricator who was in charge of making the beds, adhered to the official guidelines of the government health department. They also sourced materials for oxygen cylinders. 

Source- Scoopwhoop

This generous donation was praised by everyone and this couple encouraged many others to do their part for the people struggling to survive during this pandemic.