Handling the first fight post-marriage!

How to handle fighting like a pro

Handling the first fight post-marriage. Image Source: Google

After the big-fat wedding, the long exotic honeymoon and some months of domesticity comes your first argument. If it’s an arranged nuptial this will feel as bad as heartbreak and for love marriages it may seem to be the worst change in your partner.

The tiff might be something as small as division of chores or the colour of curtains or a bit more serious like your setting in the joint family. Weeping, shouting, arguing and feeling cheated maybe some things you will relate to.  Ice cream, weepy songs and a groggy, unmade look also add to the whole heartbreak feeling.

Here are a few pointers that help you solve that big one:

  Don’t take small issues seriously:  No! Your partner wouldn’t leave you over this argument. Believe us! The insecurity part is always there especially in the first few months as you have moved away from your house and parents. Whatever be the problem always remember you chose him over others and focus on that special feeling than resenting your decision.

  Solve, solve and solve: Sit down and try solving the issue in a cool collected manner rather that yelling and making the situation worse.

 Don’t bring up the past: focus on the issue you are fighting on, do not erode past issues. Never discuss what has happened in the past. They can only flare up the argument.

 Enjoy some ‘me’ time: Pamper yourself, go for that hair spa or simply meet your old friends for a change in your current mental state.

 Go out on a date: Coax your better half to go for a dinner date outside the house. Dress up and book some fancy place and see the anger fizzle out!

  Meet friends: invite over his friends or meet your common couple friends for a fun filled evening. You can go clubbing or bowling. Play together as a team and see your love flourish.

Make love: Sex can answer many questions and diffuse many fights. Get ready for some make-up sex and believe us its better than the regular stuff!

Never involve a third person: as good as the idea of telling your mother about your marital problems seem, in the long run you will regret it. Any third person cannot understand the bond that binds two people together and sometimes including a third person can worsen the situation.

 Sleep on it: Sometimes clearing your mind and some rest can do wonders to your decision-making abilities.