Major changes girls face while staying with in-laws

Challenges many girls face when they stay with their in-laws:

A girl not only ties a knot with the boy but also with his whole family. Things are not the same when you enter this beautiful journey of your life; you have to be really mature to understand everything especially when you have to stay with your hubby’s parents. So, here are some major changes that girls face while staying with in-laws.

The daily routine

Major changes that girls face while staying with in-laws

A lot of responsibilities come; you are the one who has to chip in the house work and follow the routine pre-set by all the family members. Sleeping late night and getting up late in the morning is something that you cannot afford to do daily in a joint household.


Though with time things are changed and most of the people have a broad mentality but few still have a typical mindset. In many families, there are restrictions that you cannot cross, so girls who are too outspoken, bold and have different views take time to adjust. In many cases, some women are not able to build a strong relationship with their in-laws because of their dominating nature too.

Not getting the same pampering

We as girls are often pampered by our parents but entering a new house with the same expectations might hurt.  Not everyone treats their son’s wife as their own daughter; the unconditional love that you used to get at your home is missed. In the initial stage, everyone will love you take care of you but slowly you start missing your parents and realize the real value of them.

Male Chauvinism

In our society, most of the women face the problem of male dominance which eventually ends up losing their individuality. So, the real beauty that you have inside is at times lost and creates a lot of problems. Many women have issues with their father in laws as they always impose their opinions on them and you do not get a chance to keep your views strongly.

Barriers in Career

Major changes that girls face while staying with in-laws

Though many women continue their work also after marriage but they are not able to focus with full enthusiasm due to many additional responsibilities. They have to learn to balance their professional life with personal and get used to it. It becomes really tiring and at times you may also feel backing out from it. It depends on the in-laws also if they are understanding and cooperative then these things go smoothly but if not then it is challenging.

However, a joint family can be your pillar of strength and often share burdens and responsibilities equally.