Thoughts when we go to see a guy for marriage

Things that come in your mind when you meet him the first time for marriage:

Many people have a misconception that in today’s time hardly anyone goes for an arranged marriage but in reality, there are many who still follows the same old school style to get married. In such circumstances, the biggest challenge and the anxious situation is meeting and seeing the guy for the first time. You are into so many mixed emotions at this time thus; it becomes really difficult to judge the person. So, let’s check out some of the common thoughts that everyone gets when they are going to see the boy first time for wedding:

  • Oh no, I don’t even know how to start the conversation and with what?
  • What if he will ask me about my boyfriend or past relationships?

  • Should I be honest or lie to him?
  • I hope he looks the same as I saw in the picture.

  • Am I wearing the right clothes or should have worn something else?
  • I just want his communication skills to be good and his dressing sense should be classy.

  • What if he won’t find me that attractive or maybe little chubby?
  • Should I tell him about my party scenes or pretend to be very serious kind of a person?
  • I wish he is also chill and broad minded.
  • Should I ask him about his dating scenes?