6 Things a mother must teach her child

6 life saving skills a child must be taught

Children are quick learners but they copy what they see

We live in a highly technology adaptive environment. Our mobiles, social media now form an important part of our cultures. Yet this progression is somehow still incomplete as somewhere we are still stuck in issues from gender inequality to spoon feeding our children. When we have a child we need to evolve mentally and physically, this requires lots of patience. But here are a few basic skills we must teach our children.

Throwing things in the bin

This habit can clean up our country! A dustbin must be used every time you need to throw any garbage. Habits and good habits must be inculcated at a young age and cleanliness is a must. Not only do you need to teach this as a habit, you need to set up a good example by following it too.

Teach your child!
Teach your child!

Fixing a snack

By the time they turn 3.5, a child should be able to have butter toast or jam bread when too hungry. Being independent and making your own snack makes them happy. It also gives them a sense of independence and confidence that they can feed themselves.

Trying all food

When we have a baby we all talk about making them try everything, but that usually never happens. We get stuck in a particular food system and tend to forget. But with global cuisines being abundantly available, make your child try some sushi, pasta, and a variety of different foods.


From switching on the light to moving around, supervised, alone is a life skill our children need. In this lifestyle where pampering is a must, children need to be independent too. Try taking them on play dates, to play alone in the park (keep an eye on them).

Washing hands is a must
Washing hands is a must

Wash your hands

In this day and age of communicable diseases, bacteria and extreme pollution, it is important to teach them the importance of washing their hands. Also how to wash correctly is important too.

Gender equality

This is a must. I am not talking only about empowering women but treating both the genders as equal. Because when you talk about women empowerment, this generation has no idea so don’t make them differentiate between a girl and boy.