Are you ready for a baby?

Are you really ready for a baby? /FreeDigitalPhotos

‘To have a kid or wait?’ This is one dilemma all married women face after a few months or years. Well, we made a checklist for you. Answer these questions and see if it is time for the stork to pay you a visit!

Are you emotionally stable: Being a mother is difficult. It includes sleepless nights, constant anxiety and responsibility for the rest of your life. Managing your life and a newborn’s demands can get a bit taxing mentally.

Perfect relationship with hubby and in laws: Never ever have babies to set things right with your husband or make your in-laws happy. A child needs a good family environment. Having a baby requires cooperation form the entire family. Make your relationship strong before planning a kid.

Your house: Having your assets is place is important before a baby arrives. To live the perfect metropolitan dream a house is essential. Plus after having the baby you will have to save for his future and building a house will never figure in the top of your list!

Physical fitness: Being fit is of prime importance for a women who will rear a baby. Pregnancy is not easy if you are already fat. Get in shape and plan a baby,

Set finances in order: Having a baby is going to eat up some of your savings! On an average during pregnancy people end up spending two to three lakhs and then begin the weekly spending on formula milk, diapers, medication etc.

Ready to settle: Do you love late nights and parting. Understand this: to be a parent you have to curb this partying habit. If you feel you are ready to swap your weekend clubbing with some sitting at home, plan a baby.

If you have answered yes to all the things above. Go ahead and make a baby! Motherhood is the best feeling in the world and it is your chance to enjoy the special emotion.