Develop dad-baby bond during pregnancy

Husband with pregnant wife

Keeping your man involved with the baby is important during pregnancy as it helps develop a deeper bond. Men want to get involved but are not sure how to be a part of your pregnancy. So here is how to help form that pre-natal bonding:

Talk to baby: Talking to his unborn child helps the father get involved in your pregnancy. You both may find it awkward, strange or funny but as your baby develops he will be able to hear your voices!

Have a bath together: Just hop into the shower together or let your hubby give you a gentle massage. This will make both of you comfortable with your growing belly and help develop a bond.

Pick a baby’s name: This is one fun thing! Tell your guy to help you finalise the name, deciding the name will encourage your partner. Some couples do disagree on names, so try and understand each other.

Go the doctor or ultrasound together: Nothing can bond a father with his unborn child like that tiny image on the ultrasound monitor. Listening to your little ones heartbeat can bond your hubby to the life you both created.

Shop for the baby together: Set the nursery and shop for your to-be-born little one together. Usually men don’t enjoy shopping but in this case all men want to decide what the little one should wear.

Prepare for the future: Make your husband open a small savings account for your baby, this will also help him bond with the child financially. You can also opt for life or health insurance.

Each dad has his own way to show his involvement in your pregnancy. So do not fret if he doesn’t want to spend too much time with you. Talk to him as it is easy for mothers to bond to their babies before birth, but dads may have to make some effort.