Mother’s day: Gifts for your grandmother

These days all youngsters are busy planning a perfect surprise for their mother but don’t you think your grandmother too needs a special gift. This Mother’s day we request all our readers to celebrate mother’s day with their grandparents too.

Now you must be thinking what we should gift to our grandmother, for all those Team AAW brings to you some interesting and useful gifts for your grand mom that will surely make her life simple and easier.

You can even ask your dad to gift them to his mother on this Mother’s day. We are confident these gifts will surely get you many blessings from her. So thank them for all the unconditional love your grandmother has given you with these useful gifts.

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  • Anti Slip Tapes Anti Slip Tapes Make her life a little safe by gifting her this anti slip tape.
  • Walking stick with seat Walking stick with seat Gift the lady who taught you how to walk with this walking seat with a built seat.
  • Walker with wheels Walker with wheels This will make her life more simple and walking easier.
  • Telescopic Cane Telescopic Cane Equipped with varying heights , this cane stick will combine confort with convenence fthus making mobility easy.
  • Talking Clock Talking Clock Make her punctual with this talking clock which will speak out the time for her.
  • Reflective Tapes Reflective Tapes Put them on all the switches so that she can see them in the dark.
  • Raised toilet seat Raised toilet seat If your mother suffers from arthiritis or joint pains in the legs than will will help her to raise the toilet seat to a comfortable height.
  • Pill organiser Pill organiser Now she doesn't need to see the presciption every time she can easily arrange her weekly pills in this.
  • Multi Reacher Multi Reacher This will help her to reach distant objects, pick them up or place them back without any pain.
  • Toilet Safety Rail Toilet Safety Rail This will enables the elderly person to gently lower themselves without assistance