Parents reveal the worst advice they’ve ever gotten


In India everyone is a parenting expert be it your friends, family or even strangers at a park. Everyone loves giving their advice and tips even the random people that you meet at a party who think they know the ins and outs of parenting. Over the years, many of us at Team AAW too with our mother contributors have discussed all the strange advises we have ever got, we all were quite amazed listening to each other. So here are the few advises which we are sure you also must have got:

  • Don’t always make the kid sleep in your lap else she will get use to it and she won’t ever sleep alone or on her mattress. How can comforting a kid become habitual, if anything it makes them happier, stronger.
  • Don’t wash his toys else your kid will become very sensitive. Let him play with germs as it helps in building immunity. Dusst, leftover dried dal and germs are such immunity builders! They would rather be building algae.
  • Baby stuff/pixabay
    Baby stuff/pixabay
  • Don’t make him wear diapers 24X7 else the gaps between the thighs would widen. Much like the gap in your brains! Diapers are a convenience, please use them for as long as you like.
  • Don’t rush to the doctor for everything try some home remedies too.I have never understood this need to experiment on a kid.
  • Allopathy is harmful for kids so go for homeopathy as its safe and has no side effects. Yes an alternative range of medicine that is not even recognized is safe?
  • Don’t feed non-vegetarian food to kids below 2 years as its not healthy. So why do internationally children start at 6 moths? Maybe they are born unhealthy and we Indians have kids who do not fall sick?
  • Honey is very healthy and you can even give it to a new born baby. Honey opens the gut and can lead to poisoning in a a new born baby, we hate this tradition.
  • A ‘ Kaala Tikka’ will protect your child from all negative energy unnatural things. Perhaps I can rub some kohl on all his face to ward of idiots like you?
  • You should not breastfeed your kid after 1 year as it loses nutrition. That is why WHO who have no knowledge say feeding till 2 years is a must.
  • You are lucky that your kid takes bottle but be very careful as kids get addicted to it. Addictions are a bane of elders, children adapt way quicker.
  • Pacifiers are not good as the kids as it becomes a habit which is very difficult to get rid of. Patience and calming your children can make them leave anything. They are not addicts who would form habits and how many 20 year olds have you seen with a pacifier?