Tasks kids CAN do themselves

Here are few things that children should do themselves

Everybody loves their children and want to help them in every possible way. However, over pampering can spoil your kid and make them over depend on you. Therefore parents need to take some important steps and refrain themselves in helping their kids out in the following things. 


Homework is their own responsibility
Homework is their own responsibility

School’s homework is always a student’s duty and their guardian needs to let them do it themselves, though they can help a little. It should be a routine work as parents shouting and making them recall about their homework is not a good sign.  

Household Chores

Help in some household work
Help in some household work

Making them help in household work makes the children self-sufficient. Parents should initiate and praise them and also give them several opportunities to try new things. Praising would give a sense of pride to them and they would love to help you again. For example, allow them to clean, make things for themselves etc.


Children should learn to bath themselves
Children should learn to bathe themselves

Children, when grown up a little, should learn to dress up and bath on their own. These basic things are not always the parent’s responsibility and children should do it on their own. 

Be responsible for their own things

Kids generally are irresponsible and have the practice of throwing things everywhere. You need to teach them to be responsible for their belongings.

Clean their  rooms

Should clean their rooms themselves
Children Should clean their rooms themselves

Messing up the room and blaming others if something is lost is not acceptable. Make children clean their room themselves so that they know where to keep what and how to settle things. 

Pack their own bag

Let your kid pack his bag so that he is aware of what all to carry on a vacation.

 Extra care always ruins kids’ habit so guardians need to be a little strict and let children do their work, no matter it is right or wrong.  If they do it wrong, they would not repeat it again and if it’s right they would be overwhelmed by their performance and appreciation.