The perfect ‘mom’ is us all!


This new advert shatters many motherhood myths

We women are raring to go and look around, you see so many of us breaking the proverbial glass ceiling. Parenting too has become a lot different from yesteryears, having a child and motherhood are no longer taboos when it comes to our work-life balance.

Often we all tend to forget ourselves in this race to attain the ‘perfect’ mother title. Did you know a shocking 1 in 5 new moms in India suffer from Post-Partum Depression. A serious emotional condition which manifests itself in the form of a mood swing to chronic depression.

The all new video by a leading brand, Preganews, makes us wonder how many of us have depression and never really realize. Next time I see a new mom, I am not talking about the baby, for once I will ask about her health and happiness.

By sporting this brand, I pledge to support new moms by helping them open up, talk about, and not feel alone in their struggle with Post-Partum Depression . This video called yoursecondhome, enlightened us as mothers and lets help other mothers by sharing this nugget of information!

The advertorial is made by Mankind Pharma, a fast growing pharmaceutical company that also owns Preganews.