Things children learn from parents


Qualities that children learn from their parents

It is said that children are the shadow of their parents. Parents are the book from where they learn the best and the worst of habits. The way we speak, the way we treat others or react to situations, is  far more powerful than the things we teach them.Here we bring you the things you should take care of while doing, as your children will learn the same.

Way of talking to elders

If you expect your kid to behave well with the elder then do the same because the environment you give to your children is what you would be paid back later. The most important for parents is to provide their children a healthy environment to make them a responsible human being in future.

Way of reacting

Never react too harshly in front of children and try to tackle things nicely and with a cool mind so that child also learns the same.Never argue in front of children as it leaves a bad impact on them mentally and makes them learn bad language.

Correct nicely
Correct nicely


Language is a showcase of what environment a child is living in. During the learning stage kids learn from you so never use foul language in front of them, ” Once my husband abused someone on the road and after two day I heard my kid repeating the same word, reminisces, Aanchal, a mother of a 2.5 year old.

Addressing guests

The gesture with which a child addresses the guests shows how well and how polite their parents are with others. As it is for sure that what children see, they act accordingly.

Good manners

You don’t have to be harsh in teaching good manners to your ward as correcting in a polite manner with some pampering and teaching works better. Also inculcate the daily habits like brushing your teeth at night, washing hands after meal etc in your lifestyle so that the child too learns from you. One of our team mate shares how she forced her kid to brush at night but he never did but once she started doing it , the kid too started doing on his own.

Make your kid responsible /pexel
Make your kid responsible /pexel

Make them responsible

Make your child independent and help him to become one. Take the first step forward by making them do their small works on their own and being responsible for their own stuff.  This would give them a sense of responsiveness and also the confidence of not being dependent on others.