Things I will teach my son

mother and son/freedigitalphotos
mother and son/freedigitalphotos

Motherhood changes you completely and recently this change has happened in my life too. Before the little one arrived me and my husband kept on playing gender guess games for fun and finally we were blessed with a baby boy much before the due date. No matter how modern few people try to look but their mentality is still old age in terms on girl child. I just cant’s forget that statement which a close relative said”chalo acha hai beta hua beti hoti toh usse kitna kuch samjana padta”(thank god it’s a boy if it would have been a girl you would have to teach her so many things). Undoubtedly to a girl you need to teach many things to keep her safe but a boy too needs to be taught many lessons in life.  Here is what all I am going to teach my son in future.

Sex education: Sexual harassment is not just confined to females now even boys  face it so I will not hesitate to give him some sex education including difference between bad touch and good touch.

Respect women: God has made everyone equal and you have no right to disrespect this truth. I will always teach him to treat woman equal to him and never ever raise a hand on her in any given circumstances. Just remember physical and sexual assault is a crime against humanity. I am a woman first  and his mother later  so if he will ever hurt women  he will  see me standing against him.

Do your work: No one is his slave so he should learn to keep his stuff like shoes, towels or undergarments at place. I don’t want him to become a “toliya lao”(a dialogue from rani Mukherji’s Hum Tum) types boy( Toliya Lao  is a kind of man who is dependent on his wife or mother for everything) .

Mother and son temper tantrum
Mother and son 

Be nice to your in-laws: If you want your partner to care for us and your family than do the same with her parents too. Treat your in-laws as you would treat your parents.

Stand for yourself: Don’t let anyone dictate what you should do with your life. Always stand for your rights and fight against injustice.

Accept your mistakes: Be a man and have the guts to accept your mistake and apologize for them. You won’t  lose anything by saying sorry for your mistakes.

Respect your juniors too: Just because you are the boss doesn’t mean you have the right to hurt and disrespect your juniors.  If you want respect from others first give them and later expect from them.

Dream big: Strive for big things but till you get them, be happy with what you have and work hard to fulfill your dreams.