Things kids hide from parents

Things kids hide from parents
Things kids hide from parents

Many parents ‘think’ that they are friends with their children and they share every little thing with them. There are things children tell their parents but on the other hand there are some matters children never prefer to discuss with parents no matter how frank they are with them. Here are some of them:

Sex life: No matter how frank you are with your kids but this is one thing they will never share with parents. They might tell elders about their partner, love life but their physical intimacy is something they want to keep a secret from parents.

Drinking capacity: Whenever the younger lot gets an opportunity to booze they grab it. Though many parents think that they are aware about their children drinking capacity but the fact is that it’s much higher than they think. Children always want to show their parents that they are in limits (though the truth is far bitter at times).

Break ups: They might tell their parents about their friends, girlfriends, and friend’s girlfriend or breakup but won’t discuss about their own breakup. They think that telling parents about the break up will lead to an unnecessary questioning which will end up in giving out unwanted information.

Minor accidents: When children start driving they hide and lie about accidents to avoid being scolded and the fear that parents might stop them from driving alone in future. Even if parents come to know about it the kids will always try to the blame on the other person.


How much they party: Children love to party and especially in the absence of parents. But they won’t tell parents that they just wait for you to leave so that they can enjoy the freedom and party.

Under debt: Parents restrict the pocket money to make their children understand the importance of money but when the limited pocket money is unable to fulfill their needs they borrow money from their friends or steal from parents’ bag . Though they promise not to repeat it again but still they prefer to handle the debt on their own rather than informing parents about it.

Do you think there are other things too that you hide from your parents or your child could be hiding from you? Share your comments and opinions with us.