Characteristics of November born people

Check out the traits and qualities of a November born person :

November born people have different traits and characteristics like most months, in fact, they are the most misjudged people amongst all. These people are very dynamic and emotional. They also have an air of mystery and love to keep secrets. November’s sun sign are Scorpio and Sagittarius.  Here are some traits of people born in November:

    • They are unique

November born people are very much different from others. What makes them unique are the things that they do like there out of the box thinking pattern and a different perspective towards life. You will not find someone else like them.

  • Hardworking

November born are hard working souls and prefer to do things on time without any mistakes. These people are aware of the fact that they are not perfect but still give their best to make things go well.

  • Secretive people

They have a secretive and mysterious behavior. November born are private people and keep their life to themselves. They do not like to share a lot about their personal life with others. Spending alone time is something that they love.

    • They are hard to understand

These are private people and hence are always mistaken. They do not hurt anybody intentionally, but their actions and words are often misunderstood. These people are the ones who are blamed for something they have not done.

  • Loyal

These people are trustworthy and loyal, you will never find them cheating on anybody who trusts them. Whether it is their friends, family or any other relationship they will do anything to protect them. You can trust them with all your heart and soul.

    • They can be easily provoke

November born usually try to avoid argument and fights but if the other person provokes them they lose it. They know how to control their feeling but once awaken, and then they are hard to calm down. Their anger is something you would want to avoid.

Know any November people who fit the bill?