Friendship habits that you should avoid forming in your adulthood

We always take pride in friendships that have lasted from childhood to adulthood.  We understand how rare meaningful relationships become as we get older so it becomes even more important to take care of them.

We get caught up in our daily routine and may not be able to spend much time around our friends but it is important to keep the tone respectful as we often fail to notice the sabotaging behavior. Here are some habits that you should change around your friends and how you can make sure you remain respectful towards their friendship.

Do not take them for granted

It is understandable that you may not be able to catch up with your friends often.  Make sure you value their time as much as they value yours.  You may have known them for years but feeling unappreciated can cause unwanted stress and tension between you and your friend.

Scrolling through phone around your friends

We are a creature of habits and our recent obsession is gadgets that have us hooked for the most part of our day. Spend quality time with your friends instead of scrolling through your phone. It is not only disrespectful but may also discourage your friends from opening up around you.

Saying negative things behind their back

Communication is underrated and people often fail to understand its positive impact. It is best to address your issues face to face and discuss them directly with the concerned person.

Showing up late for plans

It is best to inform beforehand if you are running late instead of keeping your friends waiting. This may not only annoy your friends but they may not rely on you in the future.

Here are some habits that you can work on to keep adult friendships healthy. Remember, every relationship has to be nurtured and respected in order for it to last.