Here’s how to deal with nosy neighbours

Nosy neighbours
Nosy neighbours

Nosy neighbours like that aunty in the next house can be annoying. The constant queries about your personal life, your score in exams, etc seems completely normal to them. PS: so does bitching about you coming late or going out with opposite sex! They can be bothersome and stick around your family like a pack of flies.

It’s easy to deal with kids but these nosy aunties can be downright irritating. Here’s a brief conversation one of our co-workers had:

 Aunty: You came late last night. Were you working in office?
Co-worker: Umm, yes some work had to be completed.
Aunty: Are offices open till this late?
Co-worker: Umm
Aunty: How come your friends came to drop you home, who was that boy?
Co-worker: (leaves abruptly)

 Are your next door neighbours trying to act like your parents (only more narrow minded version)?  Here are some easy ways to solve this problem:

Plant bushes and climbers: Moneyplant across your balcony not only gives your house a ‘green’ touch. It also keeps your nosy neighbours from peeking in. Get your gardener to plant dense foliage and enjoy the privacy this offers. Plus flowers, rich fragrances of plants and soil and birds attracted to it will add charm to your balcony.

Confront them: While confronting can be a tough task, because neighbours sometimes become meaner but most of the times they back off and stop annoying you. Do not be scared to confront them ask them why are they so bothered about your life?

Next time you catch them peeking or talking to you in a downright manner ask clearly and kindly if they have a problem with you. Be kind but firm when you talk to them and politely tell them to mind their own business and see a change in their behaviour immediately.

Keep windows close/pixabay
Keep windows close/pixabay

Keep your windows and doors closed: Many neighbours have this habit of listening to your private conversations and peeking in whenever you have guest, the best way is to keep the curtains drawn and if you see your neighbour peeking in ask what the issue is.

Be extra kind: Sometimes kindness gets you the desired results that taking or confronting cannot. Say a help and talking nicely might be the key as it is possible that your nosy neighbour is lonely and wants company. But be careful sometimes these friendly gestures can make them go over-the-top and drop in at your place at their whims and fancies.

Walk away: If your neighbour asks too many questions walking away rudely is a good idea. This shall tell them they are crossing the line. Often people cross the line when they think you accept this behaviour and are cool with it.

Get to know them: Chances are irritation, loneliness or lack of friends can make people nosy and annoying. Talk nicely and try to develop a basic formal friendship but do maintain the distance till you are not sure. Once a friend started talking to an elderly neighbour and developed a deep father-son bond which helped both (as our friend used to put up away from his parents).

Here are a few ways we tried to stop the pesky aunties from hurtling their barrage of questions on us!