Thoughts we have during our exam

Thoughts that every student comes through while giving exams

Exams are probably the only thing that is an annoying part of our school and college life. They are always there to ruin our fun every six months. Exam time is surely no fun but thanks to exams as they teach us how to pull an all-nighter. Our anxiety levels reach an infinity and our mind becomes a bucket full of thoughts as soon as we are in the exam hall.  Apart from the answers, we are expected to know, here are some of the thoughts that cross our mind while we are writing our exam.

Exam Time
Exam Time

Was this ever taught in the lecture?

Recalling all your lectures and the topics you read is all that you do when you find an anonymous word on the question paper. This thought kills a lot of time during your exam.

What is everyone writing?

A look around the exam hall makes you wonder “what is everyone writing? Why are they writing so much? Is there something that I am missing out on? What is wrong with me?” So many questions apart from the one on the question paper, ugh!

Passing marks is the aim!

We all check and recheck to ensure that we at least score passing marks in our exam. There is a hassle in our minds that focuses more on scoring passing marks rather than writing the answers with concentration.

I wish I had taken this exam seriously.

I wish I had taken this exam seriously
I wish I had taken this exam seriously

Regret is all that we are left with at times! Your mind just makes you feel awful and sad for not studying. You just regret for those 3 hours in the examination room.

Exams ke baad toh bass party!

Thinking about post exam plans is all that you do during your exam. You are more tense about the plans than you are for the very next exam.

Mind, you need to stop playing that song loop!

“La la la la la! Oh, stop”. You cannot just start thinking about a random song that keeps on playing on a loop in the back of your mind when you write your exam and even sometimes you tend to write the lyrics of the song as well. How annoying is this!

Why is everyone taking an extra sheet?

Extra sheet
Extra sheet

Consoling yourself for not taking an extra sheet and just wondering why are others asking for a continuation sheet freaks you out. We often assume that someone has a big handwriting that is why they are using an extra sheet hence wasting our time during the exam.

What was I thinking when I opted this subject?

Wondering why you even opted this very subject is one of the many questions pops in your mind during the examination. You just happen to ponder over that where was my mind, what was I even thinking while choosing this subject.

Koi toh bata do!

Criticizing people for not cheating and telling you or discussing the answers is all your mind constantly cribs. You think about everything and everyone but your exam.

Please god! Save me this time.

Our dear Lord is the only one who can save you from failing in your exam. You never forget to remember God during your exam and pray him to make you pass! This is what your mind does rather than concentrating on the answers to the questions.