Types of teachers we all had in school

Different types of teachers that we all had in our school

Well, all of us surely miss our school life. It’s not only the school friends’ who made school life special but our teachers too. We all had our favorites but few were those whose classes we never wanted to attend. Let’s admit it, we all miss our teachers as they had something that made them special and also thanks to them as they played a crucial role in our life. Today on teacher’s day let us go down the memory lane and remember different types of teachers

School days
School days

The super-strict

This teacher was the one you never wanted to mess up with. She was really strict and if you disturbed her class or cause any sort of indiscipline then punishment was mandatory.

The first crush

Agree to it, we all had a teacher who was once our crush. There is always one young teacher who all the boys adore and there is always one male teacher who catches the attention of every girl at least once.

The one with the funny accent

We have all had a teacher whose accent was different because of this we never understood her language. Also, we never failed to make jokes about her.

The over-timer

We have hated them for exceeding our classes even after the bell has rang. They never stopped teaching without constant reminders.

The confused soul

There was always that teacher who was clueless about what’s happening around in the school. These were the ones who always gave half information and said ‘I’ll get back to you on this”.

Homework obsessed

We all had a teacher who was obsessed with giving homework. Her class never finished without giving homework and it was on her daily to-do list.

The Substitute

These were the teachers who were usually the most chilled out and often took us out for games. A substitution period was always on our wish list!

The loud one

The super loud teacher who taught at the top of her voice is someone who can’t be missed in this list. She was always screaming.

The storyteller

She was the one who loved sharing her personal and professional life with students.

The detective

The one who kept her eyes and ears open and knew the history of each and every student. She was always interested in every student’s life.

Well, however, our teachers were. We still love them and to all teachers out there a very Happy Teachers Day!