Which FRIENDS character are you?

Which FRIENDS character are you?

Friends, is the most loved sit com of all time. From giving us some real life goals to making us understand the importance of your friends, the show did it all. We all relate to the characters to some extent. But do you want to know which character are you from the show? Read below to know if you are the funny Chandler or foodie Joey.

    • Joey
      You are a person with a tender heart who doesn’t want to change. You are comfortable talking to strangers and do not like sharing food (it’s totally fine!).


    • Chandler

      You are ambivert (extrovert + introvert) and love to make everyone laugh (even if they don’t). You love your life partner to the moon and back but have low emotional stability.

    • Monica

      You draw your energy from others and love to control everything. You are happy by feeding your friends and are incredibly organized, a little bossy, highly persistent and eminently competitive.


    • Rachel

      You are very complicated and always conscious about your look. You think with your heart and that why you vulnerable. You are a careless person but know how to love your friends.

    • Ross

      You are an introvert and keeps the majority of the things to yourself only and will comprise your personal concerns for those of others. You are emotional at times and values loyalty the most.


  • Pheobe

    You are goofy, crazy and always ready with weird ideas. You follow your heart and do what you want to do. You don’t get de-motivated easily and have suffered a lot in your life.

Now you know which traits of yours are alike with your favorite characters.