Why people stayed away while a woman was being stabbed to death?

A woman in Delhi stabbed by her husband in a crowded market.

A woman in Delhi was stabbed 25 times by her husband and no one came forward to help her. The husband was seen in a fit of rage and did not stop as people continued to watch.

One thing that people did was record the incident and share it on social media and leave for other people to decide what could have been done.

The 26-year old woman was Neelu Mehta who was an employee at Safdarjung hospital. The couple got married recently and Neelu wanted to continue working while her husband was against it.

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The safety of women continues to be a concern and after this incident, another one is the willingness of people to help. Women may get worried walking back to their home late at night but is there any guarantee to their safety in broad daylight?

The man said her late wife ‘deserved it’ and with no remorse in him, it is another brutal reminder of how women of our society are not free to make decisions about their own life.

Not only will they be discouraged to pursue their career but any resistance against the decision of the family members can result in death. It may seem like an extreme thought but in the light of this incident, is it really it or just the reality of living in India?

Would you have come forward to help in this situation?