Yahoo messenger shuts & people get emotional!

People react when the shutdown of Yahoo messenger was announced:

Being a 90’s kid it will be correct to say that it all started with Yahoo right? That time chatting meant Yahoo Messenger only, instead of sharing phone numbers we used to share our Email IDs. I mean do you remember the chat rooms and the permanent question, “ASL please?”

The cute little yellow face emojis were so popular back then and at that time the sound of the buzz was something we used to wait for.

But as they say time changes, it is the end of an era. One of the first instant messaging app Yahoo has been officially shut down now. With Yahoo going offline we suddenly feel sad. As the messenger app announced its shut down, the 90’s people started pouring nostalgiac goodbye messages on Twitter:

Yahoo messenger first made its debut as Yahoo pager in 1998, at a time when instant messaging was available on the computers as an alternative to email and SMS on mobile devices. Since then Yahoo ruled our hearts and became an important part of our communication.

The older version of Yahoo was shut down on 5th August 2016 and a newer version was launched, which has been shut down now. The company has not given any specific reason for shutting down messenger but maybe it is because of the dominance of Facebook, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.

Yahoo and memories associated with it will be missed.