7 ways to better (and hotter) sex

Sometimes right after you have done the deed a spark seems missing. Here is how to rekindle that fire with  few easy tips to transform your love life.

Lube it up: Lubricants do enhance sexual excitement. Lubricants can make the deed smoother and less painful for a woman. India has limited options, you can also ask your doctor to tell you about a few.

Ignorance is bliss: Stop fretting about your imperfect body. Yes you have cellulite but that has nothing to do with your sexual side. Ignore how you look during the deed to enhance the pleasure. Constantly worrying about how to look and behave can be a turn off for both of you.

Initiate sex: Get your inner seductress out and initiate a night of passion with your hubby. Chances are it will be a pleasant surprise for both of you.

Don’t think the ‘P’ word:  Trying to conceive? Or scared you might end up being preggers? Often women who want to get pregnant think about conceiving over enjoying sex, this can lead to a disappointing sex life. Your hubby can know when you are not into sex at an intimate level which can fizzle out the fun.

Lock your doors: Whenever the two of you are enjoying some couple time, lock your bedroom. Someone entering the room is a big dampener on sex.

Make a sex schedule: It sounds mundane and domestic but maybe putting sex on your calendar will keep you excited all day long. Hectic lifestyle often puts intimacy and sex to the back burner. Seeing it written in your to-do will add a fun element to it.

Phone sex: Have 5 minutes free at office or a few seconds in the kitchen? Send him a quick text about how you would love to use the kitchen slab or call him and tell him you are waiting for him tonight!