Signs that prove you were a neglected child

Things that might show you were a neglected child:

Many people deal with the problem of handling emotions and gelling with people. Though there are many reasons behind this, a major one is being neglected during childhood when our parents fail to understand our feelings and we don’t realize that. So, here are some signs that you were ignored in your childhood:

Can’t take a decision

Always stay confused with your decision, not confident for your own thoughts. This happens when some difficult situation arises and you are not confident to take a stand for yourself even if you are right.

Feel awkward in asking for help

Taking help is not your cup of tea as you are afraid that you might get betrayal or disappointment. You feel pride in not relying on others for your work, though it’s a good habit still, at a time, you may need support that you are not able to ask for.

Want to be alone

Not able to gel up with everyone, always wants to stay quiet and alone. You do want to make friends but your mind does not allow you to do so as you have a misconception that no one would understand you.

Don’t understand your own feelings

Happiness is like an unusual feeling for you which you can’t accept easily or don’t understand what actually is the reason behind your mood.  At moments you think unnecessarily about things you should not but can’t get rid of it.

No compassion for yourself

Know how to calm down others in panic situations but when you yourself are on the same track things are different. Doing minor mistake is also like the end of the World, lose hope easily and always think that there is some problem within you.

Animals are more close to you

Connect easily with animals because they are lovable and you are not afraid that they will judge you or talk about you behind your back.