Signs you should cut off your toxic friends!

Here are some signs that indicate you have a toxic friend in your life.

We all love to be surrounded by people who support our growth and encourage us to learn new things, More often than not, we find ourselves in the company of people who not only don’t know how to support a friend instead, bring them down. Such friends may not seem to have a problem but you don’t feel good after hanging out with them.

It is important to recognize your toxic friends and understand how their habits are affecting yours. If you are not sure whether you have a toxic set of friends, here are some signs that will help you understand.

  • They have no respect for your boundaries and almost always push you to do things you don’t wish to.

  • You always find them lying to you or manipulating the situation.

  • You rarely find them supporting you and when they need you, they make sure to get your attention.

  • They are always snitching and talk behind people’s backs. You have rarely seen them appreciating other people.

  • You find them judging people all the time.

  • They rarely help you when you are in a difficult situation and could use some support from friends.

  • They make sure to win every argument and do not accept their fault at all.


Here are some signs that suggest you have a toxic friend in your life. Call them out on their mistakes and help them understand how you feel. if there is no change in their behavior then try to maintain distance before cutting them off entirely.