Things ‘single kids’ can relate to

Check out the things you will relate to if you’re the only child:

Having siblings is a blessing and a cruse as well. There are some benefits and disadvantages as well. you get to enjoy all the perks, but boredom hit your hard. And the feeling of sibling bond is something you can never experience. here are some thoughts that you will relate to if you’re the only child in your house.

    • Pampering is something you love

    • You have a whole room to yourself, you can do whatever you want to

    • You get amazing gifts on birthday

    • You are the king of the home when your parents are away

    • Be it food or clothes, you don’t have to share anything

    • Your birthday parties are amazing and cool
    • you treat your friends like siblings
    • You’ve never been able to place the blame on anyone else in your house when you’ve done something wrong.

    • you don’t have anyone to protect you when momma scold you 🙁
    • you get all the attention from your parents

    • There is no one to plan pranks with you, you have to it all alone
    • You might feel jealous when you look at the bond your friend have with their siblings

  • There is no brother or sister to pamper you
  • You don’t have anyone to convince your parents
  • You don’t go through any kind of competition

Bring a single child has some advantages and disadvantages as well. but whatever it is we are always loved by our parents, who never let us feel the lack of siblings.