Ways to make father’s day special for your dad

 Check out some ways to make father’s day special for your dad: 

Yes, mothers carry us in their womb for 9 months, but the most common first word that babies day is dada! Fathers are our support systems. Teachers, role models, and whatnot. Father’s day is the perfect day to express your gratitude and love for him. My father is my superhero and I love him a lot. Dad’s make life so much fun and teach us so many things. This year father’s day is going to be different because we are going through a global pandemic. So, here are some fun ways to make your dad feel special on father’s day: 

  • Cook his favorite meal 

If your dad is a foodie like my dad then make his favorite meal for him. The sweetest thing you can do is cook for him. Just make something healthy and tasty. 

  • Plan a family game night 

Gaming time is the best way to have quality time with your family. Plan some board games with your family and have some snacks as well. Just let dad pick which game he wants to start with. 

  • Learn something new together 

Dads are never too old to learn something new. So, he can take classes in which he likes sports, movies, television, cooking, gardening, photography, and more. Learn a new skill together. 

  • karaoke night 

My dad loves listening to music and of course singing it as well. If your dad is also a music lover, plan a karaoke night for him. Play and sing his favorite songs. I am sure he will love it. 

  • Handmade gift 

Since ordering, gifts might be difficult for some people right now, use your skills and make something handmade for him. There are a lot of DIY projects and ideas that you can make. 

  • Go on a cycle ride 

A great way to go outside while maintaining social distance is going on a cycle ride. Riding a bicycle will be a great exercise for both of you. 

  • Gym gift 

In case your dad is missing his workout, gift him a basic workout machine or you can sign him up for a virtual training session as well. 

  • Set up a bar 

Alcohol issues are now solved, get him his favorite brand, and enjoy a drinks night at home. Cook some delicious snacks and have a great celebration.