Thoughts girls get after their engagement

List of thoughts girls get after they are engaged:

Congratulations, you are now taken for life! Getting engaged to the love of your life is just like a fairytale, it is a whole new feeling. But this period can be a bit stressful too. There is excitement, but it is also mixed with worry and anxiety. After all, a girl is soon going to start a new life with new people, leaving behind her family that she’s always known. So, here are a few thoughts every girl gets the day after she gets engaged.

    • I will now introduce him as my fiance, and everyone would ask the marriage date now.
    • I am no more single now, end of my freedom

    • OMG! I have a ring on my finger, it feels heavy
    • Everyone knows we are a couple now, no more sneaking yeah!

    • But, oh god, I am going to get married soon
    • I love my room, pets, parents, life will be so hard now

    • How will I adjust in his house?
    • I am freaking out I need to call my bestie

    • I suddenly love my family more!
    • I have to be more cautious in our courtship period because this is my mother’s order
    • Well, I think it will be fun living with him, I am looking forward to it

    • Maybe, I am overthinking, stop it my mind!
    • I think I should talk to him, this will make me feel better

  • I need to change my FB status now!
  • I can’t believe my wedding is just about to take place