Deal with an annoying co-worker

How to handle an annoying co-worker.

Does your colleague have a habit of constantly staring at your monitor, talk loudly on phone, discuss his private life publicly and disturb you? Chances are you are dealing with a chipkoo, pakaoo, and annoying co-worker!

There are many ways in which co-workers can be annoying and dealing with this intolerable behaviour is sadly an unwritten part of your job description.

Team AAW tells you some simple yet helpful ways of dealing with an  annoying co-worker

 Everyone is unique: No two people can think or behave alike. In a work environment there will always be different people from different walks of life. Be ready to deal with them.

Talk to your boss: Take the matter to the concerned authority and request for a change of seat.

 Try to maintain a distance: Remain diffident and indifferent to such people. Don’t share your personal matters. Avoid going out for lunch and talk only about professional matters. Never become facebook buddies!

Carry headphones to office: The best way to drown out that annoying voice! Carry headphones to office and basically use them as a sound shield.

Stop gossiping in office: Avoid gossiping about your boss and other colleagues in his presence as you never know when he can just turn around and tell all this to your boss.

Show your impatience directly: Sometimes it’s better to show your impatience directly. Make sure you do it politely so that he gets the point and you don’t spoil your rapport with him.