Dealing with work at home stress

A lady working from home
A lady working from home/freedigitalphotos

When Kriteeka started working from home, she though it will be easier to manage my life, finances and work. “After all I was going to be at home and working, it seemed ideal. I could work and still enjoy spending time with my little one whilst managing the house. Then it started going wrong, I had no ‘me’ time. There was constant work as my working hours were not fixed,” says the 29 year old media professional.

Work at home stress is something only self-employed can understand. Many professionals believe a person who works from home watches TV, attends soirees and has abundant money. But the hard truth is working from home is more difficult as there are deadlines, responsibilities, late payments, and chances of your work being rejected completely. Here is how to reduce work from home stress, if you freelance from home:

Timings: Be practical and clear about your working hours like Kriteeka prefers working when her daughter is at school. Stick to your timings and do take a weekly off or two. Having no clear timings make you work 24X7 which can become stressful sooner or later.

Treat yourself: Coffee breaks in the office are perks to avoid work and clear your mind for a few minutes. Have a coffee or chai break at home too. Do not sit in front of the computer when you have your tea. Relax and de-stress.

Pick a hobby: Pick up your old guitar, rom-com novels or knit do something away from the computer when you feel too stressed. 10 minutes of this break can make you feel energised and relieve stress. The next time you are waiting for something to download pick up your chosen hobby and enjoy.

Walk: Walking can clear the mind. Go for a quick walk when you feel you have no ideas left. Can’t go out for a walk? Do some light exercises to relieve stress. A change of scenery can also make the environment less stressful.

Drink water: Stress dehydrates the body so keeping your body lubricated makes it easier to handle stress.

Dance, jump, kick: DO any vigorous activity for two minutes. Copy Madhuri’s steps from her latest item number or a few crunches. This immediately reduces stress by releasing chemicals to brain.

Do you work from home? How do you deal with stress?