Every day should be Women’s day: Sonali Sokhal

Sonali Sokhal
Sonali Sokhal

Women’s Day has slowly started meaning more about consumerism than empowering and embracing feminism. We felt the need to bring back female flower power this women’s day.  Sonali Sokhal, the director of Intelliquo PR talks about why feminism must be celebrated daily:

Woman’s Day has slowly started meaning more about consumerism than empowering and embracing femininity. We felt the need to bring back female flower power this woman’s day.

Why can’t every day be women’s day to begin with? The very fact that women need a day dedicated to them means that they are seen as different from others, so the fact that we have something called women’s day is not a matter to celebrate but question our own attitudes and ideologies

Do you think that with the onslaught of consumerism, Women’s Day has lost it’s sole objective? Elaborate.

Consumerism rules all public initiatives and takes away the essence from them. What started as a socio-political movement to express the basic human rights of women is now being used by brands to peddle goods, restaurants to sell tables etc. Women’s Day was relevant at a time when women were fighting for basic rights-the right to vote, the right to higher education, the right to work etc. Today it is a lost cause that does not have any movement or women’s right group behind it so yes, it seems to have lost objective.

Feminism back then meant acting like a male but it is evolving into balancing a woman’s beauty and brains. Do you believe you are a feminist at heart?

Feminism was never about acting like a male but about women having basic rights – it was about acting like a human. Feminism is about exercising choices- the right to work or the right to be home with your children. Modern day feminism equate economic freedom as the be all and end all of everything. Feminism in totality is the right of any woman to live a life of dignity and choice.

Rapes, gender discrimination, dowry deaths, eve teasing etc. Everywhere women are being subjected to unfair treatment. Have you ever faced unjustified treatment as a woman?

Haven’t we all? Yes, laws are unfair to women but more than that it is the patriarchal attitude that is unfair to women. I think we face this treatment every day when women rush away from dark corners or worry about being home late as they fear for their security. In that sense this unjust treatment is daily.

 What do you think the biggest feminism issue worldwide?

The physical safety of women and consequently their children is the biggest issue for all- feminism was a response to patriarchy, but the truth is it is a universal concern. When you take away the safety of women form the world, the entire fabric of society suffers. If a mother is unsafe, her children will never be safe as well.

One issue you believe must be highlighted this women’s day?

Our deeply patriarchal and hypocritical attitudes to women and empowerment.

Which is an ideal song for this occasion?

I think there is a song in every woman’s heart, connecting her to the earth & nature and this song is getting lost in a lot of noise.

One law India desperately needs to introduce in favour of women?

Accountability for anyone who commits violence towards women, irrespective of gender

Any message for today’s women?

I think a lot of us confuse mere economic independence with women’s freedom negating the role of women who stay at home and provide care to families as homemakers. Women are the carriers of the future generations- human beings and the new generation are shaped in their hands-lets never forget how important that is to the future of all of humanity.