How offices can successfully practice social distancing

Check out the list of social distancing ways that offices can practice:

As unlock lockdown begins it is time when offices are preparing to re-open. Now companies need to take extra precautions and decide how to practice social distancing while employees come to the office. There are several changes that companies need to adapt to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Everyone is concerned about their safety, we all know that we will be joining the altered version of our workplaces once the lockdown is removed and offices reopen. Some changes in workplace processes and design will help maintain social distancing. So, here are some ways in which companies can practice social distancing.

  • Seating plan

These days most of the companies have open spaces and employees sit together. So first of all, companies need to change their seating plan. There should be at least 6 feet of distance between employees. You can use cabins, or go back to the cubicle system. Well if you already have cubicles then raise their heights.

  • Shifts

We advise companies to call employees on shifts basis, you can divide your office strength into teams and call them alternate days. This will ensure that there are fewer employees on location at any given time. Rotational shifts will be very useful.

  • Office design

You can incorporate dividers to create a physical barrier between employees. And if you have cabins then shift a few teams into cabins and make others sit in the open area but with barriers.

  • Sanitization

Every company should ensure that they sanitize the whole office before opening. And proper sanitization should be done every day to contain the spread of the virus.

  • Virtual meetings

Many people have a lot of meetings regarding office work, make sure that employees shift in-person meetings to virtual meetings whenever possible. Provide them with all the devices that they need.

Social distancing and these other factors might help companies to deal with this situation. Stay safe!