Perks of working with your best friend

Checkout the benefits of having your BFF as your colleague:

Best friends are essential throughout life and we need them at every step, regardless of how we are feeling. Friendships often evolve much like our lives and we tend to make new friends with every-step of our lives. But what if you and your best friend work in the same office? Well, it is the best feeling ever! There are many perks of working with one’s BFF and we list up the perks:



Whether its emotional or physical, she will always be there for you. If you are getting scolded she is there to comfort you, motivate you to perform better and to make you laugh saying the boss is an idiot!

Lunch partner


Because you and your BFF are in the same office there are no worries about being alone at lunch. You two do not need any company as sharing your dabba and dreams comes naturally to you!

Motivation to go to work daily


It is actually a struggle to get up for office daily. But knowing that your BFF would be there, motivates you to get out of bed just to join her. Its her company that you love and which motivates a lot. After all nobody would like to waste the whole day alone at home.

You help each other even when on different projects

You know each other’s work and so can help each other even when on different projects.

You have someone to show your presentations before filing them to boss


You can run your ideas and presentations before your friend and ask for changes before taking them to the boss. You are sure to get the best advice with appropriate changes.

You do not have to look for weekends to meet up


Working in the same office there is a lot of time to chill together so meeting only for weekends is not an issue anymore.

You can play all your dirty pranks on them


The best part is you can play your dirty pranks on them without having to explain!

Its fun!


Because no matter how hectic the work gets you have your partner in crime to enjoy with.