Tips to make online meetings better and effective

Check out some ways to make online meetings effective and better:

As many of us are still working remotely, online meetings are an important part of the business. Virtual meetings are playing a great role in the work routine these days other than good communication and technological advancements, there can be some complications. So here are some ways to make online meetings more efficient and productive with your colleagues. Check them out below:

  • Be presentable

You are much more noticeable when you are in a virtual frame. So be presentable at all times. Make sure you greet people the right way and have an appealing attitude. Talk in a friendly tone.

  • Check all systems in advance

It is better and smart to check all your systems in advance. Check your camera, microphone, laptop battery, and internet connection. Re-start your computer half an hour before avoiding any disturbance.

  • Have a plan

Don’t start a meeting without a clear plan and agenda. To make sure that the meeting doesn’t turn out to be a disaster, prepare a plan. Mail your mail to all the participants. Your plan must include what will be the topic of discussion in the meeting, tasks to be assigned or project talks.

  • Eye contact is important

Maintaining eye contact in any form of meeting is important. Even if you are camera conscious, make sure you never look distracted or conscious. Place your camera at a good angle where all your participants can see you.

  • Have a conclusion

Ensure that you conclude the meeting on a clear note. While people get distracted during calls and other discussions come in the way. Make sure you end the call with an effective solution and discussion.