Ways to upgrade your WFH office space 

Check out some ways to upgrade your home office space: 

It’s been months that we all are working from home, and by now would have set up a home office as well. And honestly, most of us are now comfortable with working from home. There is a need for proper workspace in home as curating the space you work from is essential to your productivity and state of mind. To help you get your home office up to par for maximum efficiency, here is a list of products to upgrade your WFH office space. 

  • Office chair for your back 

  • Soft desk lamp 

  • Smart assistant 

  • ergonomic keyboard 

  • Plants to boost your mood 

  • Good wifi connection 
  • Add colors to your office
  • Wireless charger 

  • Adjustable bookshelf 

  • Desktop whiteboard 

  • Mug warmer 

  • Waterproof desk mat

  • Wireless earpods 

  • Clipboard 
  • To-do list notebook

  • Memo board

  • Time marker water bottle 
  • Chair cushion 
  • Standing desk converter