Why it’s hard to be a boss

Here we bring you the reasons why its hard to be a boss

Everyone  wants to be a boss and give directions to others. But they don’t know that being a boss is not easy and no matter how good you are no one loves their boss. Being on the top and making people work for you is not as easy as it seems. Don’t believe us ? Well then read on to know the toughest part of being a BOSS.


Boss Life

Decision maker

Whether it’s about not hiring an employee’s friend, telling your team to buck up or ending a popular incentive program, you have to make decisions you will always be hated for.


When things go right, it’s the team that gets the credit but when something wrong happens,  the final blame is on your shoulders. Being the boss you are accountable for all the good and bad work of the team.

You have to give up some workplace friendships

Managers always need to have professional boundaries between them and the people they manage which is why office friendships changes with the pormotion.

Guide the team

You have to tell people how they are not working well

No matter how upset or sad you are in your personal life but you still have to keep smiling and inspiring your team.  Also you might  have to scold people unwillingly just to maintain the decorum of office.

People  hate you

No one likes their boss so no matter how good or kind they are,  you will always be criticized for something or the other.

You have to hear ridiculous complaints

Bosses have to hear and even sort the nonsense complaints . A boss has to solve all the issues because there’s no way out!