7 reasons to start your day with sun salutation

Why Surya Namskar is a must

Yoga is a process that purifies body and soul. We all are health conscious and can’t deny role of sun salutation or surya namaskar as it is a full body workout and effectively helps to lose weight as you synchronize your breathing with the body movements. Plus it improves digestion, get rid of bad knees and joint pain, treats insomnia with reduction of stress and anxiety. PS Kareena is said to do about a hundred of them daily to maintain her awesome shape before pregnancy!

Here are the five reasons which shall inspire you to start it without excuses:

Tones body

Surya namaskar is a great cardio vascular exercise that tones your muscles. The stretching during asanas stretches your muscles too and you don’t need dumbbells after regular sun salutation for flabby skin. Positions like plank and lunges tightens the extra skin as well as strengthen the core body parts.

Burns calories

30 minutes of surya namaskar burns 420 calories. Wow! You just need a ventilated room or backyard garden to experience high dimension of energy at the beginning of your day. It reduces surplus fat of abdomen, cheeks, thighs, neck and chin.

Take away women health troubles

Regular, daily and systematic sun salutation has power to:

  • Improve and develop breasts. Restores the gone loveliness of the same by keeping it elastic, hard and firm.
  • Removes menstrual disorders like dysmenorrhea and consequent pain.
  • Eliminate all discomforts arise due to menopause
  • Makes pregnancy easy and less painful
  • Enhance sexual abilities

Improves digestion

People who are suffering from dyspepsia and constipation should exercise surya namaskar every morning empty stomach. This improves abdominal organs and perks up digestion as well. It normalizes the activity of endocrine and thyroid glands which calm down all the anxiety.

Detox your body

As it comprises of active inhalation and exhalation, the lungs are thoroughly cleaned and blood stays oxygenated. This oxygenation gets rid of carbon di oxide and other toxic gases inside the body.

Keeps you young-looking

If you include sun salutation in your routine then nothing can stop you looking energetically youthful forever, it improves blood circulation which gets back the glow of your face preventing the inception of wrinkles at early age and you can proudly flaunt the radiant skin.

It charges five chakras of the body

Our body has seven chakras, surya namaskar charges five chakras out of them which are inclusive of third eye chakra, heart chakra, hara chakra, throat chakra and solar plexus. Solar plexus is also termed as second brain, if it gets charged regularly then provides magical results like making boosting focusing trait and development of intuitive ability.

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