Conjunctivitis: Everything you Need to Know About Eye Flu

Symptoms and Precautions of Eye Flu

A sudden outbreak of conjunctivitis due to continuous heavy rainfalls and floods has affected many people with eye flu and irritation for the past few days. This is also called Pink Eye which can spread easily from person to person as it is caused by irritants from dust and smoke and allergic substances too. In fact, Delhi is witnessing major cases of eye flu because of over logged water of the Yamuna River due to which, the city is on “high alert”.

The rising cases of Conjunctivitis are among young people because the humidity in the air is affecting them; that is why, many schools and colleges have been shut down in Delhi. Here are some symptoms and precautions of this contagious virus that one needs to take care of and prevent himself from getting attacked.

Eye flu is caused by the inflation of the eye’s transparent membrane or conjunctive that gives the eyes a pink appearance. Moreover, it can also be caused by chemicals, wearing contact lenses for long without cleaning them or rubbing eyes frequently. Its symbols majorly focus on frequent burning sensation and itching in the eyes, redness, swelling and continuous watering.

However, this can be cured and treated with the help of the right medications. One of the first aids to heal eye flu is using lubricating eye drops as it maintains the eyes’ moisture and relaxes it while cleaning dust. An infected person can also prevent eye flu by not touching or rubbing their eyes and washing their hands frequently. Also, avoid eye contact with another person and use of their belongings like towels, shades or glasses. This will help cure the flu and will help relax your eyes frequently.