Here is why you should not wear earphones for hours

These reasons will convince you to not use your earphones too much.

Many of us are used to listening to music, attend calls or watch videos using our earphones and though we won’t like to admit it, it is something that we can’t live without.

This may look like a normal habit on the surface but it can be harmful in the long run. There are many reasons to not use your earphones for hours as they can do some irreparable damage. Here are some reasons why you should not overuse your earphones and the damages they can do to your ears.

Source- World Of Buzz
  • It can cause dizziness. Hearing music or loud sounds using earphones for a prolonged period of time can increase the pressure in the ear canal which can cause dizziness.
  • Using earphones for a long period of time can result in hearing loss. It may start from not being able to hear from a distance and then losing sensitivity toward hearing.
  • It leads to excess production of ear wax and that can lead to a number of hearing issues.
  • Since the ears are covered with plugs, the air passage is restricted which should not happen frequently.
  • The inner ear is blocked for a long time which can lead to soreness and pain with prolonged usage.
  • You may find yourself experiencing frequent headaches and if there is no reason why this would happen, you may want to see how often do you use your earphones.

Here are some reasons why you should optimize your usage of earphones. Make sure you also use it at optimum volume.