Things you must know about Antidepressants

More about Antidepressants you need to know:

Depression and taking antidepressant medicines for the same are common nowadays with figures showing, 1 in 6 of us take medicines to deal with anxiety issues. Many people who take it are not even aware of its side effects and do not notice the change it may bring in them. There are many facts we might not be knowing about the antidepressants we take and here we bring them for you.

They work after a while

If you take antidepressants and it has been days you have taken them but it’s not affecting, don’t think they do not work as these take time. It may take weeks or months so for people with major depression complains, the right antidepressants are advised for at least six months.

It can affect your sex life

These medicines are actually used to treat premature ejaculation and it can even make reaching orgasm difficult. In some, it can also decrease sex drive. Talk to your doctor before taking them or if you think its effecting you.


Can cause sleep issues!

People facing anxiety and depression go for antidepressants, but it may cause them trouble in sleeping or even cause sleeping too much. These medicines have been seen to lessen or even prolong your sleep cycle which may not relief you from depression but may increase it. So it’s important to practice good sleep rather than going for medicines to get that.

May affect bone health too

Having it you prevent the production and transmission of the neurotransmitter dopamine. It leads to rise in prolactin and disruption of HPA axis activity and many medicines may even increase your risk of bone health. The longer you take the medication, the more you are at risk. It is important to discuss the harmful side effects before taking them.

Don’t stop suddenly

Don't stop suddenly

The dose needs to be reduced gradually rather than stopping suddenly. Not taking its dose may cause dizziness, nausea etc so should be reduced slowly. Discuss a dose reduction plan with your doctor prior so that you cope up with its without affecting your health.

Did you know these about Antidepressants?