No Tobacco Day:10 things you realize post quitting smoking

Here are 10 very good reasons to quit smoking

No smoking
No smoking

Quitting smoking can be a tedious task for many. Over the years I have seen my friends resolve to leave smoking only to chain smoke the next moment. Smoking is an addiction much like chai or coffee only with worse side effects. But leaving that bud will make you realize, nothing is worth putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. Here are 10 things you realize after you have stopped smoking:

Your true friends will never force you: You might feel uneasy and want to go back to that one puff of perfectness but understand that it will do you ore harm. Be vary of the company you keep your friends will never force you to join them in a smoke session, people who think for you will be happy at your decision.

You feel happier: Once you quit smoking and the addiction wears off there is a sense of pride and happiness you will feel upon quitting. It is liberating and often you will feel happy about making the correct choice.

You don’t find excuses to smoke: Any smoker will know this drill of asking others where to smoke and how to leave behind family and acquaintances when you smoke. Often every smoker hides and looks for nooks and crannies to pull the puff!

More dedicated at work: This is so true as smoking often makes the perfect excuse to shirk work. Stressed? Smoking break. Free? Smoking break. Cant think? Smoking break. Smoking is a circle.

Your health is important

Healthier: This one is a no brainer. Quitting smoking s healthier on many levels from making you fitter to healing your body and making you happy. PS for women there is a boon that your periods will be on time, smoking often leads to delayed periods.

Increase in stamina: I noticed that people who quit have more stamina slowly. Simple things like walking up 3 floors becomes easier and you do not huff or struggle to breathe. Many quitters say that they have more energy to work and feel more focused.

You eat accordingly: Smoking can make you eat that extra naan or roti thinking I will have a smoke later to ease digestion. Every smoker over-eats relying on cigarettes to help in digestion. Post quitting your body will know when to stop and not to fill you with calories.

The movies ads no longer irk you: We have all seen those cancer adverts on TV and moves, which are vom-inducing and often ugly. People who smoke don’t find these advertisements helpful but get irritated by them.

You finally understand why people don’t like cigarette stink: Being a smoker makes you immune to the cigarette smell and many a time we hardly know the difference. But many people dislike it and term it as stink. Stop smoking and you will find that burnt tobacco smell is not exactly nice.