6 New symptoms of COVID-19 added to the list

Check out the list of six new symptoms of coronavirus given by CDC:

Looking at the increased number of coronavirus cases, there are no signs of stopping. With over 28,000 cases in India, a big percentage of cases are coming up daily. This also means that the infected people are not showing general coronavirus symptoms. With more cases, new symptoms are being discovered. Recently, CDC has added six new symptoms of coronavirus to the list. With these new symptoms, there is now total of nine symptoms. Check out the updated list of symptoms below:

  • Intense chills

Though it is a minor symptom, can be a cause of concern if you suffer from other coronavirus symptoms. Feeling cold without a reason along with intense shaking can be a prominent symptom of COVID-19.

  • Loss of smell or taste

Loss of smell or sensation is one of the typical symptoms associated with COVID-19. Loss of smell or taste occurs when a person is not able to detect the odor and this happens when a person has a blocked nose. The symptom was largely found to be present in patients across Britain in late March.

  • Muscle pain

Muscle pain has affected 14.8% of patients across US, which is the new epicenter of the disease. So far, the symptom has been found in people suffering from a severe case of the virus. It involves pain around the muscles and the joints.

  • Pink eye

There is an alarming concern that coronavirus could lead to conjunctivitis (pink eye infection), meaning that the virus could not just spread through respiratory droplets but nasal and eye fluids too. Some patients likely suffer from pink eye.

  • Headache

In cold, all of us suffer from headaches also. Well, it can also happen when you have a respiratory infection such as coronavirus. As per new finding headache or pain around the eyelids can be a symptom of coronavirus infection.

  • Sore throat

Other than a bad cough, one of the unusual symptoms of COVID-19 is a dry cough. Almost 60% of coronavirus positive cases have reported sore throat along with dry cough.

Watch out for your symptoms and stay safe and healthy!