7 health news every woman must know

Happy woman
Happy woman

Research developments occur every day while many like the researches about coffee can well, be confusing, we looked for developments that are important for women. These studies are important and can help many a women. So here are a few health researches you must know:

1. Berries slash women’s risk of heart attack: A study has revealed that women who ate at least three servings of blueberries and strawberries each week have a 32 per cent lesser risk of heart attack. Researchers say that flavonoid in berries help reduce the risk.

2. Women’s mercury levels are down: A study shows that levels of mercury in the blood of women have dropped which is a good thing as high mercury levels lead to kidney disorders. This study however depicts women in US.

Make your sleep matter/ tumblr
Make your sleep matter/ tumblr

3.Lack of sleep affects fertility: Women who work irregular or night shifts have an increased risk of infertility and greater chances of menstrual disruption. Night shifts particularly up the risk of miscarriage. The study says that a woman’s circadian rhythms, or internal clock, are to be blamed. Another study also found that women who are moderate sleepers and are  undergoing IVF have a better chance of getting pregnant than women who slept too little (under six hours) or too much (nine to 11 hours).

4.Surviving cancer doesn’t affect fertility: An encouraging study found that women who suffered cancer as girls were able to have babies easily later on in life. Researchers looked at 3,500 female cancer survivors who were diagnosed with the dreaded disease when they were 21 or younger and found that two-thirds who tried to conceive got pregnant within one year of actively trying and others were also able to conceive eventually.

Husband with pregnant wife

5.  Exercising in pregnancy is a good idea: A research says just 20 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week helps boost babies’ brain activity. The experts say that moderate exercise likely helps create a healthy foetal environment, which is good for brain development of babies.

6. Women are more prone to allergies: Women are more likely to have nasal congestion, asthma and food allergies, according to a study presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. The reason? Well, women have a complex system and genetics and sex hormones both determining who develops allergies or asthma!

7. Bras make breasts sag:  French researchers claim that bras provide no benefits and might be harmful to women’s breasts over time! Women who wear do not bras develop more muscle tissue, that helps provide natural support. So time to go without that obstructing little thing we must say!

These studies were done over the course of the year. Do you think you will follow some?